For all new customers we Install your garden bag or Garden Bags on the Weekend. This allows us time to build your New Garden Bag frame and Normally we get to meet and greet our new Customers on the Weekend.

$20 standard mixed bags e.g palm prongs and a very small amount of grass.

$25 for grass bags or heavy mixed bags.

Having a Garden Clean up and need green Waste Removal in Cairns – We Will Install and temporarily set up 3 Garden Bags and Garden Sack frames as a One off.

Note: temp set up Includes 3 bags for $120, Any additional bag is $20. 60KG limit per Garden Bag applies.

The garden bags hold up to 4 times the amount of waste as does a wheelie bin. They sit inside a metre square frame and are 1.1 metres high.

You can pay for your garden bag using a variety of payment options – EFT, Visa, Mastercard, Money order, cheque, or cash.

NOTE: you will be left a Business card with an invoice Number on the back, Please use this number so we know who has paid.

No, installation is free.

(except temp Bags, Set up and removal fee included in price)

You can have as many garden bags as you like. Most customers usually find that one bag is plenty as they hold up to 4 times the amount of green waste as one wheelie bin.

YES – We are fully insured

No notice period is required at all. Once you let us know you no longer need the service we will collect the bag and frame when we are next in your area and remove your garden bag and frame.

Note: All Garden Bags and Frames remain the property of Robo’s Garden Bags Cairns. if you dispose of the bag and or frame a $40 replacement fee will be Invoiced.

If you don’t require a pick up for that month just text or Call Rob on 0467 941 856 the day before and you won’t be charged. We will resume collection again the following month as usual unless we hear from you again.

Yes you can, however charges may apply.

standard $20 mixed bags e.g. palm prongs and a very small amount of grass clippings is OK

Heavy $25 grass bags or heavy mixed bags e.g palm prongs and a large amount of grass clippings or straight grass bags cost $25

  • Garden bags weight limit 80KG if your bags heavier then 80KG a second bag will be left for you to distribute the weight between both bags, you will be charged for both bags. its for the health and safety of our employees.
  • only green waste in the garden bags, no soil, no rubbish, no food scraps, no rocks or stones and NO GRASS CLIPPINGS.  The green waste in recycled and turned in to mulch, so it needs to be free of contaminated objects
  • garden bags and frames must not be moved and must remain in the front of the property.
  • Gecko Saks and garden bags cairns takes no legal responsibility for anyone that does not follow our rules or attempts to move the frame or bag.
  • DO NOT empty the bags under any circumstances without prior consent from Robo’s Garden Bags.
  • invoices due 7 days from the day of bag collection, overdue accounts may incur late payment administration fee’s of $10.
  • lost – stolen or damaged bags and frames may incur a $40 replacement fee.

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