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Garden Bags Price Rise

Garden Bag Price Rise
Why our green bags are awesome and we love our customers we do have to also think of the business side of things. We have increase our garden bags to $20 per collection for mixed bags, example palm prongs and a bit of grass clippings from mowing the lawn, for heavier bags over 60kg with say just grass clippings or majority grass clippings. As these bags can weigh up to 120kg we have to slightly increase this to $25 for the heavy bags, this covers employee extended employee times on each job and disposal costs. This is a one off heavy bag payment or $5 more for that pick up and this is only a one off payment.

We have met some amazing people running this business and could never thank everyone enough for their continued ongoing support over the years and through this pandemic. I would like to wish everyone one a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays and we hope you have a wonderful new year. 

thank you from the team a Gecko Saks


Pro Lawn Mowing V D.I.Y

Pro: You can hire a professional service to mow your lawn as a one or every fortnight for a fair price. You can hire us to fertilize and treat your lawn on a regular basis. Or, you can opt for full-service lawn mowing and gardening package to ensure that you never have to spend time on your lawn or in the garden.

The idea of spending your weekends pushing a lawn mower around isn’t that appealing to most, especially with the hot summers Cairns experiences. You might want to hire a professional. It will cost you a little upfront, but for some people, the extra time is worth the money and you don’t have to repair or replace you mower, no more replacing blades or services for you’re mower.

Hiring a Lawn Mowing Service Cost?

It’s difficult to estimate the total cost of hiring a professional lawn mowing service provider, because it depends on the services you request, the size of your lawn and how regular the service might be. Our rates are from $50 per visit for basic mowing and from $80 for lawn mowing and garden services. A surcharge will apply if you live outside our work area Gordonvale to Palm Cove. Please call to discus

Our lawn mowing service costs on average $1400 to $1700 per year for full time fortnightly lawn mowing, trimming and edging or $60 to $80* for one off lawn mowing. Services such as trimming hedges, mulching and weeding run extra. hedging usually costs about $350 to $500 each, while weeding or weed spraying can cost up $10 to $50* per month.

Hiring a Lawn Mowing Service Pros

  • Saves time – Time is money, or so they say. When you hire a professional lawn mowing service, you won’t have to spend a good chunk of every weekend mowing, weeding and fertilizing. Spend that time doing things you enjoy.
  • Professional look – It’s easy to pick out the lawns in the neighborhood that are serviced by professionals. They’re green, lush and the envy of everyone else on the street. Replicating that look with DIY lawn mowing is difficult and time-consuming.

Cons of DIY Lawn Care

DIY lawn care is less expensive over the long term than hiring a professional service. But you’ll need to invest in some tools and supplies upfront. Petrol Lawn Mowers usually sell for about $500 to $1500, while riding mowers – which are almost a necessity for large lawns – go for anywhere from about $2800 to $8,000. The inevitability of mistakes and unnecessary errors If you’re inexperienced in lawn care and lawn maintenance requirements , it’s almost unavoidable to make mistakes while following a DIY routine. To save you and your lawn from costly mistakes, you could easily use a Pro like us to handle all your lawn mowing and lawn maintenance requirements Time-consuming and stressful Lawn Mowing and lawn maintenance in Cairns, it requires investing considerable amounts of time on the lawn. Busy lawn owners will most likely find this difficult and frustrating.

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